Hi Steven

Unfortunately I havent been using the proxy for balancing for a while now..

But I know it works flawlessly with mod_jk, and if your using jetty you can
also get that running.

http://docs.codehaus.org/display/JETTY/Configuring+AJP13+Using+mod_jk .

Otherwise i'd go to the httpd forum and ask them, you usually get help there

regards Nino

2010/7/1 Steven Haines <lyg...@yahoo.com>

> Hi,
> I just setup my production environment for a wicket-based application today
> and
> I am having a problem with "Page Expired" messages. I have three servers
> that
> are not clustered together, but rather are configured with Apache's
> proxy_balancer to use sticky sessions (with failover turned off.) The
> homepage
> always loads, but a high percentage of the time when I enter the second
> page of
> my application I receive a "Page Expired" page - clicking on that takes me
> back
> to the home page and then the application works.
> My guess is that when the homepage is loaded that Wicket provides a new
> jsessionid (I sometimes see it coming in the submission url) but then the
> user
> is directed to another server on the next request, and because the user
> does not
> yet have a JSESSIONID cookie, but does have the jsessionid in the URL, the
> Wicket instance that receives the request searches and cannot find the
> session
> id and marks the page as expired. The next request then populates the
> browser's
> cookie and the sticky session works.This is just a theory, but it would
> explain
> the behavior.
> I thought I handled this case in the proxy_balancer configuration with an
> entry
> like the following:
> ProxyPass / balancer://mycluster/ stickysession=JSESSIONID|jsessionid
> nofailover=On
> Where JSESSIONID|jsessionid covers the cookie and encoded path,
> respectively,
> and the nofailover=On tells Apache to not to try to fail a user's session
> over
> to antoher server.
> Has anyone faced this problem? Any ideas on how to resolve it? And we're
> going
> to start allow production load very shortly, so any insight would be much
> appreciated!
> Thanks
> Steve
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