I am looking for a way to have an AjaxLink or a regular link do the


User clicks on link

1.       If not logged in then show login page and allow user to login
and then continue with #2

2.       Perform some business logic

3.       Show a message [if ajaxlink] or send to a page [if regular



I have #2 and #3 working without trying to do #1.  I can't seem to
figure out #1.   I tried the following in the onClick of my AjaxLink.
However after a successful login I am brought back to the page with the
AjaxLink and #2 and #3 are never executed unless I click on the link
again [since the user would already be authenticated on the second


                // #1

if (not authenticated) {

                                throw new



                // #2 

                // Do business logic


                // #3

                // show message





                // after successful login

if (!this.continueToOriginalDestination()) {










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