Look into page mounting, BookmarkablePageLink

mount(new BookmarkablePageRequestTargetUrlCodingStrategy("nicename",
your.package.PageName.class, null));

BookmarkablePageLink nicenameLink = new
BookmarkablePageLink("nicename_link", your.package.PageName.class);

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Subject: Clean URLs without /?wicket:interface=:0:::: stuff - is it


I'm rather new to wicket but I'm amazed about it's power.

I still have a bothering question: is it possible to make the website
clean URLs?

I mean I want to have the first page like /welcome, the about page like
/about and somehow to get rid of the /?wicket:interface=:0:::: stuff -
appears if you click the banner twice, for example...
This is for usability issues as is for SEO reasons.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Laurentiu Trica

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