I've been looking for a shopping cart solution that I can properly integrate with wicket. There's been a few threads on this list where people have indicated they were building one but as far as I know nothing has ever eventuated.

I don't really want to build to whole engine from scratch so I've been looking around and come across konakart. It's partially open source. Meaning the engine itself is closed but it has a complete (and well documented) integration layer. I think this would be a good solution because all the backend functionality is there along with a nice admin panel.

The interface is either Java or SOAP (one line of code to switch between the two) which means you can run your cart engine on another server if you want.

So what I'm proposing is build a set of front-end wicket components. I'd prefer a fully open source solution but in the free java space this seems to be the easiest solution I can find. I really don't have time to build an engine from the ground up.

So before I get going I just wanted to bounce it off the community and see if anyone can think of a better solution?

I only just come across brix and I'm still trying to get my head around it. Any comments on whether I should make this brix centric or pure wicket?

p.s. If I do build these components then I will release them as LGPL...

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