we're heavily reusing the edit components we do, and as such we wanted them to 
behave as "good form citizen". On our way, we spotted the FormComponentPanel, 
which seems to achieve our goal.

Yet, a question has popped up: how to deal with List edit ? Indeed, none of the 
class extending AbstractRepeater is a form component. As such, there's no 
getConvertedInput that could be used to compose the result when using a 

Currently, the approach we have taken is to wrap the list edit used 
(listview/listEditor for example) in a FormComponentPanel and, on convertInput, 
we first visit all children and call IFormModelUpdateListener.updateModel where 
possible. And then we use the backing model of the list editor to compose our 

This doesn't seem 100% right and we already had some issue where some component 
updateModel was called before convertInput was, resulting in a null 
convertedInput being used.

In the distant future we plan to implement a list editor being a FormComponent 
and requesting a FormComponent to populate each row. As such we could iterate 
over each row formComponent and call getConvertedInput there.

is it appropriate ? Would you recommend some other approach ?

thanks in advance

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