visit all the children, check if they are a FormComponent and call
convertinput() followed by getconvertedinput()


On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 2:42 PM, Joseph Pachod
<> wrote:
> hi
> IF
> we're heavily reusing the edit components we do, and as such we wanted them 
> to behave as "good form citizen". On our way, we spotted the 
> FormComponentPanel, which seems to achieve our goal.
> Yet, a question has popped up: how to deal with List edit ? Indeed, none of 
> the class extending AbstractRepeater is a form component. As such, there's no 
> getConvertedInput that could be used to compose the result when using a 
> repeater.
> Currently, the approach we have taken is to wrap the list edit used 
> (listview/listEditor for example) in a FormComponentPanel and, on 
> convertInput, we first visit all children and call 
> IFormModelUpdateListener.updateModel where possible. And then we use the 
> backing model of the list editor to compose our result.
> This doesn't seem 100% right and we already had some issue where some 
> component updateModel was called before convertInput was, resulting in a null 
> convertedInput being used.
> In the distant future we plan to implement a list editor being a 
> FormComponent and requesting a FormComponent to populate each row. As such we 
> could iterate over each row formComponent and call getConvertedInput there.
> is it appropriate ? Would you recommend some other approach ?
> thanks in advance
> ++
> joseph

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