your proposal is to wicket, what auto-generating-java-servlet-code is to a
JSP (~ what a "tied-and-deciding-designer-code" was to a "programmer-code"
in the past)

that is, simply going back to "hell" :)

why don't you stay on JSP domain, instead, sir?

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 1:47 PM, Matthias Keller <>wrote:

> Hi Martin
> Isn't this exactly the reason we've got CSS?
> HTML shouldn't really be used for look&feel and the size and placement of
> components can perfectly be defined using CSS classes.
> Matt
> On 2010-11-09 13:34, Martin Makundi wrote:
>> Also making skins for different devices / screen sizes becomes easier.
>> **
>> Martin
>> 2010/11/9 Vitaly Tsaplin<>:
>>> In simple cases it makes no difference. It makes real difference with
>>>> some complex widgets (for example search components) that must be
>>>> reused on many pages and they should render differently on each page
>>>> depending on how much space and what context they are in. I don't like
>>>> duplicating code even if it is gui code.
>>> Sounds like the first appealing argument slowly comming out of
>>> surrounding fuzz =)

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