You might want to use a Wizard for the record. Just curious does "first page"
add anything to the page, perhaps a new url and redirect is not necessary if
no Wicket Components were added, try adding some Wicket Label about a
redirect or something (just trying to narrow this down).

Just curious, the way you have it, in theory a user really could enter the
second or third page without the previous page(s), with the url, no? I
suggest look into making a wizard component .


syg6 wrote:
> I have a few mounts set up:
> mount(new QueryStringUrlCodingStrategy("/first", FirstPage.class));
> mount(new QueryStringUrlCodingStrategy("/second", SecondPage.class));
> mount(new QueryStringUrlCodingStrategy("/third", ThirdPage.class));
> And in HomePage I have a link to FirstPage:
> add(new BookmarkablePageLink<FirstPage>("firstPageLink",
>             FirstPage.class, parameters));
> All FirstPage does is verify some parameters sent to it and do a
> setResponse() to SecondPage.
> Why is it that when I click on the link in HomePage, to FirstPage, when
> setResponsePage(SecondPage.class) in FirstPage's constructor is called the
> url remains:
> http://localhost:8080/myapp/first
> when I am actually now on SecondPage? But when I call
> setResponsePage(ThirdPage.class) from SecondPageForm's onSubmit()
> (SecondPage contains SecondPageForm), the url is:
> http://localhost:8080/myapp/third
> I've tried sticking setRedirect(true) in a few places but that seems to
> mess up my custom session; my custom session is constantly reset, previous
> info stored in the session is wiped out.
> I've also tried using setResponsePage(new SecondPage()) but it doesn't
> seem to change the url and SecondPage.html breaks, it's telling me none of
> my form components are present!
> Both SecondPage and ThirdPage *can* (and should!) be tied to the session,
> the user must never be able to enter directly into either one, but rather
> first enter FirstPage.
> Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
> Thanks,
> Bob

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