So don't use a link on the html page for FirstPage. Try redirecting when
there is an html page with some filler, try adding a wicket label if plain
html doesn't work. Although it's not the best solution it will narrow down
the problem!

   The Wizard is useful in the sense, you can go back and forth for the user
and it is all in one page etc.... There is nothing "amazing" about the
wizard, just that it seems your trying to do the same thing, and it would
handle making each step and not allowing one to skip to the second page
because they bookmarked the url....

  No worries about the ranting, I do it all the time.


syg6 wrote:
> Hi and thanks for the response.
> No, FirstPage doesn't add anything to the page. It checks a param passed
> to it and redirects to one page or the other. Just for a test, I made a
> FirstPage.html with a link to SecondPage and had FirstPage.java just bring
> me to FirstPage.html, instead of doing a redirect.  When I click on it the
> url changes correctly, unlike when I do a setResponsePage(SecondPage) from
> HomePage. But I don't need to 'stop' on FirstPage ... in fact I don't even
> have a FirstPage.html because I always redirect somewhere else.
> As for using a Wizard ... I thought about it and looked into it but it
> doesn't seem do too much. I only have 3 pages in my wizard and and
> controlling access to the 2nd and 3rd pages with a custom session object.
> ie, when you click on the link in the HomePage, if everything is correct
> (right parameters), I stick something in the session and redirect to
> page2. I do the same with page2. So access to the pages is controlled by
> my custom session object. Would it be that much easier with a wizard? I
> guess it would control the order of the pages but I would still need to
> stick my own logic in there because it's not just about the order of the
> pages, it also needs to validate other stuff.
> Anyway ...sorry to rant. Thanks for your help. Any other ideas much
> appreciated.
> Bob

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