I think you can:

1-use interface IAjaxIndicatorAware to mark a page or Panel as a
context for showing some indicator of AJAX activity (usually a veil +
some activity icon)
2- or you can use IAjaxCallDecorator to manually decorate your links.


On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 12:39 PM, Patrick Petermair
<> wrote:
> Hey!
> In our wicket application we are using a lot of Ajax links/forms. Sometimes,
> those requests take a second or two. We now want to give the user some
> feedback, that his request is being processed (to avoid double clicking or
> the impression that the webapp is slow).
> What would be the best way to execute custom javascript methods BEFORE the
> request gets sent to the webapp? Those javascript methods would then show a
> progress bar, a message like "Your request is being processed.." etc.
> For example: The user clicks an AjaxLink to delete an entry from the table
> and before the request gets sent to the server, some javascript method adds
> a small progress bar at the top of the table. Once the ajax request is done,
> the progress bar disappears.
> Another example would be how Facebook handles sending private messages. As
> soon as I click the "send" button, the text area gets disabled / greyed out
> immediately and after the Ajax request has gone through, I get access again
> to the text area.
> Cheers,
> Patrick
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