Interesting the Ajax call decorator mentioned above sounds like a good
choice, I don't know the transactional steps for each solution, but to have
the javascript written entirely in the page without requiring some sort of
connection to the wicket server, does sound like it will be more immediate
if your worried about that 1 or 2 seconds of idle time however you want to
accomplish that. If you
need a script: 
function DisableEnableForm(xForm,xHow){
  objElems = xForm.elements;
    objElems[i].disabled = xHow;

Just my two cents,

Patrick Petermair wrote:
> In our wicket application we are using a lot of Ajax links/forms. 
> Sometimes, those requests take a second or two. We now want to give the 
> user some feedback, that his request is being processed (to avoid double 
> clicking or the impression that the webapp is slow).

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