True, perhaps using ".setMarkupId("someid");". I had no idea about that in
production mode, I guess I never checked, I am still somewhat surprised that
is true.

You could have an automatic listener that takes the "getMarkupId(...)" and
preppend, or append to the id, or do it by hand (not my favourite choice).

Perhaps, you can change the non-wicket ids? would that help? I am not sure
why there would be collisions, could you explain more? Perhaps there is a
more elegant solution, without using wicket.... 


Uwe Schäfer-2 wrote:
> On 02/04/2011 05:02 AM, msj121 wrote:
>> Well I think that all of the markup ids being output are based off of the
>> <name>  in "wicket:id=<name>". If memory serves correct so the "easiest"
>> (ie:
>> less obtrusive) solution is to simply change your tags.
> this is only true for development mode. in deployment, id generation 
> differs (it generates "id1","id2"...)
>> Of course tedious if
>> you already had completed your project, so perhaps overriding the code
>> that
>> generates the markup id. Not sure, but an interesting question.
> overriding is not an option due to this method being on Component. i do 
> not want to use "own" components in my code. imagine smth like
> add(new TextField(...){
>   public String getMarkupId(boolean create){
>    ...
>    }
> });
> yuck ;)
> cu uwe
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