Hi All

I'm having problems to make a radio component work the way I need.

I have a list of PhoneNumber objects:

class PhoneNumber {

String number;
boolean default;

The list can have only one entry set as default value. I'm trying to
make the radio button set the value of default in each object, so when
I submit the form to save the object  my model is synced with user
changes. I don't want to set the value in the radioGroup model.

I've created a Panel to edit a single phoneNumber object:

public void EditPhonePanel(String id, PhoneNumber phoneNumber) {

setModel(new CompoundPropertyModel(phoneNumber));




And I'm using a repeater to add one EditPhonePanel for each phone in my list.

The number property of PhoneNumber object is being updated as
expected, but I don't know how to make the radio button update the
default property. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!

I'm using wicket 1.3.6 and java 5

Marco Silva

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