I think using String.format for that is breaking idea of MVC where you
endup writing JScript code in Java. Sounds really awkward.
I guess I can hookup Velocity or Freemarker but isnt whole point of Wicket
is to replace that? Plus another problem I see is if I have to use separate
templates for each <script> tag I may end up with lots of small files so my
logic will be peppered around.


On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 12:25 AM, Wilhelmsen Tor Iver <toriv...@arrive.no>wrote:

> <script>
> .....templated code.....
> </script>
> I tend to use a Label for that kind of scenario, where the Label's model
> uses some other templating engine, anything from a simple String.format()
> to a more complex beast like Velocity (or FreeMarker).
> <script wicket:id="complexScript">
> </script>
> - Tor Iver
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