In my project, for business reasons, we have classes with SortedSet members. 
The classes and their elements are all Serializable.  I'm having trouble 
working with a SortedSet<MantechControl> object; when I try creating a 
ListMultipleChoice<MantechControl> object for it (and putting it into a 
FormComponentPanel<SortedSet<MantechControl>>), I get all sorts of compilation 
problems.  The MantechControlPanel has constructor:

   public MantechControlPanel(String id,
            IModel<SortedSet<MantechControl>> model) {
        super(id, model);
        control = new ListMultipleChoice<MantechControl>(
                "choices", new SetModel<NonICDisseminationControl>(choices),
                choiceList, new ChoiceRenderer<MantechControl>(

The onModelChanged() method has (after I extracted some local objects in a 
futile attempt to fix things):

    protected void onModelChanged() {
        if (getModelObject()!= null) {

The problem is that the control.setModel() expects a Model of a Collection, 
while getModel() returns a  Model of a SortedSet:

    The method setModel(IModel<Collection< MantechControl >>) in the type 
FormComponent<Collection< MantechControl >> is not applicable for the arguments 
(IModel<SortedSet< MantechControl >>). I have good business reasons to use a 
sorted set, and what I think are good reasons to use a FormComponentPanel and a 
ListMultipleChoice. But should I do something different?

Meanwhile, I've created a wicket/metagen quickstart project and am running into 
a similar problem  there.  I can upload the project somewhere if you want more 
info.  Here I wrote a class ColorfulPerson that has a String name and a 
SortedSet<Color> colors.  In trying to write a FormComponentPanel for this, I 
have an obvious error at the indicated line:

public class ColorfulPersonPanel extends FormComponentPanel<ColorfulPerson> {
private static final long serialVersionUID = -457616015428125432L;
private final FormComponent<String> name;
private final FormComponent<Collection<Color>> colors;
private List<Color> colorChoices = Arrays.asList(Color.values());
public ColorfulPersonPanel(String id, IModel<ColorfulPerson> model) {
                super(id, model);
                name = new TextField<String>("name", new Model<String>());
                colors = new ListMultipleChoice<Color>("colors", new 
SetModel<Color>(), colorChoices);
protected void onModelChanged() {
                ColorfulPerson colorfulPerson = getModelObject();
                if (colorfulPerson != null) {
                                // Error as the model is one of 
SortedSet<Color> while the ListMultipleChioice expects a model of 

                } else {

Could there be a<?> castingClass) method?

Eric Jablow

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