Happy new year folks,

I have tomcat server running application war file serving only ajp protocol. Apache2 is configured to serve my application using ajp. This works - sometimes :( So far I have not able to figure out what breaks it or what makes it work and looking for help. The description of the problem is little complicated

Authentication on tomcat directly works expected. Authentication using apache2 as frontend server does work sometimes.

Whenever user tries to access the page that needs to be authenticated, it seems like wicket does not do redirect to login page, but serves the login page internally. Browser url does not change to login page. So if I try to access a page say mypage, wicket sends redirect /mypage - but next redirect actually serves the login page. I tried debugging tomcat instance and it seems like wicket does not get session cookie and creates a new session. So what firebug shows is number of redirects to the same url until firefox gets bored and shows up the error message. Things get especially interesting if remember me flag is checked. You are logged in to half of the page and other half (like ajax service calls) return the response that you need to login.

I have spent many hours trying to narrow the problem. On fresh browser with history cleaned up - specifically cookies, it all works very nicely. So apache2 does pass the cookies and wicket does see it. On the other hand if had logged in once and session expires (my theory, no proof), it does get into infinite redirect loop.

Any help/pointers are greatly appreciated.


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