Hi all,

*The problem: *
tabs not disabled on first render.

*The source:*
I'm adding the "Tabs" class from WiQuery 1.2.4 like so:

tabs = new Tabs("tabs");

CompoundPropertyModel<Wafer> waferModel = new
tabs.add(new GeneralInfoPanel("general_info", waferModel));
tabs.add(new MaterialSpecificationPanel("material_spec", waferModel));
tabs.add(new LazyTabPanel("layers", waferModel, LayersFragment.class));
tabs.add(new LazyTabPanel("batches", waferModel, BatchFragment.class));
tabs.add(new LazyTabPanel("logbook", waferModel, LogbookFragment.class));
tabs.add(new DocumentsPanel("documents", waferModel));

*// isNewObject set to true when the Wafer object contained in the
waferModel is a new Wafer.
// When a new Wafer is show in this panel, disable the rest of the tabs for
if (isNewObject) {
 for (int i = 1; i < 6; i++)


*The question:*
I thought this would be a proper way to disable those tabs, apparently it
If I call the disable function through ajax afterwards, like
"disable(target, 1)", it's fine.

Anyone an idea how you would disable a single (or multiple) tabs on the
first initial render?

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