Interesting.  I may try to make a generic <wicket:insert=&quot;;>
tag that uses the page's default property model to resolve the "".
Will this work?  

Two other "cool" things I'm looking for:

1) Does <wicket:extend> support a codeBehind attribute?  Say I have 20
stateless pages and I want them all to extend one BasePage and then use my
<wicket:insert> tag for the fairly simple dynamic stuff.

2) To avoid "tag soup", I don't want things like if statements or loops in
the templates.  However, I would like to have <wicket:insert> support
property model values that resolve to collections.  So can someone suggest a
way to use repeaters in a generic way?  Something like this:
  <wicket:insert=&quot;addressList&quot; item=&quot;address&quot;>

If I can get this much working, I can wicket for the entire site!

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