Hi all,

I'm working with wicket since 2 years, and I'm convinced by this great
fremework. Today, in my company we are facing the choice of a new web
framework in order to replace our old Struts 1... The debate turn arround
Spring MVC or Wicket. I spend one day to show Wicket to my colleagues, but
they only knows struts 1 and it's really hard to make them feel the power
of Wicket. After a long discussion, my boss decided to give Wicket a second
chance and proposed me to find good training to try to make them adhere. I
think this choice is really important, more particularly when leaving
struts 1 after 10 years...

So I need your Help ! If someone has feedback on a good training in paris,
it's more than welcome.

And any good agument for Wicket versus Spring MVC is welcome too.

(sorry for my english)

Yves-Marie LAINÉ

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