I'm new to Java and Wicket. My only previous experince with web applications 
has been with Asp.net forms (not MVC). Please be patient; coming from the 
postback event paradigm, I'm struggling to grasp the concepts in Wicket. In my 
simple scenario, assume there is no AJAX. I need to build the model from a 
database. If I use an LDM, on a postback Wicket calls to the database to 
rebuild the model before updating it with the new values. But if I don't use an 
LDM, Wicket will serialize the model in the PageMap. I would like to keep the 
model 'in memory' long enough to process the postback to avoid unecessary calls 
to the database, but release it when I have moved on to a different page. I 
thought of something like this... In the LDM  @Override
 public Object load()
   ...somehow get the session.
   if (session.getAttribute("PageAModel")!=null)
    return (PageAModel)session.getAttribute("PageAModel");
    PageAModel pageAModel = ...build from database.
    session.setAttribute("PageAModel", PageAModel);
    return pageAModel;
 } Then in the Page...  @Override
 public void onSubmit()
   PageAModel pageAModel=(PageAModel)session.getAttribute("PageAModel");
   ...update the database with   PageAModel pageAModel = 
   ...   //removes the model from session?
} I suspect there is a better way to handle this. Can I avoid using an
LDM, but somehow remove the model from the PageMap after leaving the page?      

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