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> I'll mention one hack for which another Wicket user should rightly
> reprimand me. As I mentioned recently, Wicket keeps the most recently
> accessed page is a deserialized state to optimize serving the next request.
> All components are still detached, but if you override IModel#detach() in
> your LDM and suppress super.detach() then your entity will hang around.
> This has the behavior you describe, since (1) the entity does not need to
> be reloaded on subsequent requests, and since it's object reference is
> transient (2) it goes away as soon as another page is accessed, and (3) it
> does not get replicated among the cluster.

Well, you admitted you should be reprimanded.... :)  Doesn't that hack
still leave you with lots of problems like stale/detached entities etc?  I
definitely would not recommend that hack to someone new who is just trying
to learn Java *and* Wicket.  I'd instead say (like you started off with)
"don't prematurely optimize, learn and get experience with the new way of
doing things and make sure you 150% understand them (and everything else
that's going on) before trying to 'fix' things".

Jeremy Thomerson
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