[X] I use my own custom framework

We rolled our own because it gave us the most flexibility (components are
annotated and the permissions are kept separate from users and
groups/roles).  We can reconfigure the permissions on the fly (since
everything is stored in the DB, cached in mem) and plug in different
authentication and authorization strategies to facilitate different
deployment scenarios and also for unit testing.

We're not aware of a 3rd party lib that will do this - but Id be happy to
use one if there is one out there.


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> Our of curiosity: among the wider community: what security framework(s) do
> you use with with Wicket, and why?
> [  ] I use my own custom framework
> [  ] I use Shiro
> [  ] I use Spring Security
> [  ] I use WASP/Swarm
> [  ] Other (please specify)
> And don't forget the "why".
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