I'm getting a little tired of working with the models, seems I have some
serious understanding problems.

The view is NOT up to date by just having jQuery move some elements back
and forth. The element IDs of the ListItems stay the same, so when I resort
the same (n-th) element twice, there are some sideeffects.

Short example:

- foo (id=1)
- bar (id=2)
- baz (id=3)

Move item 'baz' up to position 1 -> In the UpdateCallback, I get the right
model of item 'baz' to work with.

- baz (id=3)
- foo (id=1)
- bar (id=2)

Move item 'baz' again -> I get the model of item 'foo' instead of item 'baz'

Which is exactly what I would expect from wicket, but updating the ListView
component to have set the correct IDs doesn't work as I tried to describe
earlier. Either I update the ListView or not, but both needs me to hit F5
after each sort to ensure that the next sort will work correctly.

What the f* is going on here? Please... anyone

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