I'm a new list member and I'll start with a quick introduction:

After one or two earlier, but aborted attempts to try and get into Wicket, I've 
finally decided to take the plunge now, even if only for some pending personal 
projects and possible future side-jobs. On my primary job as a Java SE/EE 
developer, JSF will most probably become the one-and-only web framework for the 
foreseeable future, which I don't like, but that's life.

While the mentioned attempts were with Wicket 1.3 and 1.4, it probably would 
seem stupid to start with anything but Wicket 6 now. 

It seems though that Wicket 6 introduced some major changes so that quite some 
of the docs, tips & tricks to be found on the web are no more applicable, 
including parts of the official Wicket Wiki and not really covered by the 
migration hints either; at least that's my impression after my initial 
in Wicket 6, which leads me to the first questions for which I found no hints 

In Wicket 1.5, there is a way to define a custom error page for 
RuntimeExceptions which knows about the causing exception, by extending 
WebRequestCycle and overriding the WebApplication's newRequestCycle method. In 
Wicket 6, I can use getApplicationSettings().setInternalErrorPage and     
getExceptionSettings().setUnexpectedExceptionDisplay, but within my error page 
class I don't see my Exception, then. Did I miss something?


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