We are having two frameworks for one project (wicket 1.4 and struts). Was no
problem until now.
We want to migrate the whole client to wicket 6.2.

>From my struts pages I have a URL like
http://localhost:8080/application/wicket/foo?id=1111 to my wicket-page.
That works, because of the annotation MountPath with the value "foo" on the

And on this wicket page i am linking to another wicketpage, but not with
mountpath (I don't need it here), but with setResponsePage(new BarPage());.

Now my URL is something like
This is the result of PageInstanceMapper mapHandler....L:137-141

That would be OK, if my whole application would be wicket. But from these
wicket-pages I am also linking to Struts-Pages with the prefix "../".
Because "wicket/" is two times in the URL now, this doesn't work anymore and
results in a not-found exception.

Strange thing is, when I am annotating my pageclass with MountPath(value =
"wtf"), it works perfectly, although I am calling this page with
setResponsePage(new Page()) and not via MountPath. Then the MountedMapper is
used for the UR

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