My idea is, first the member's apps have to able to call an admin's wicket 
page, than post it using atmosphere to update the component from Admin's page. 

I just don't know what the best practice to achieve calling a wicket page from 
outside wicket apps. 

Any help or suggestion appreciated. Thanks

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Sent: Monday, January 14, 2013 5:53 AM
Subject: ASK: Updating one wicket page's component from other wicket apps 
Hi all,

Currently, I am developing 2 separated wicket apps, they are an Admin's web and 
a Member's web. Both shared the same database but run in different tomcat 

My question is how to achieve below use case: 

On member's web: When a member submit a form, the form will send message to 
update a component (e.g. a datatable) on Admins' page. Or in the form's 
onSubmit method, it will call/ send parameter to the Admin's page. Later at the 
Admin's page it will update it's component base on the parameter. 

I read about web service but have not find a good example on how updating a 
wicket page. 


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