Jqwicket has several components that I would like to use (CKEditor, 
MaskedInput, maybe later other), but I see some issues:

1.      Is there an option to use jqwicket components (maybe other project?) 
without incorporating/integrating jqwicket jquery?

If not, then:

2.      When I want to use jqwicket with custom jQuery (local copy) using 
constructor with JS resource reference I get "url cannot be empty or null" 

See http://code.google.com/p/jqwicket/issues/detail?id=29 In fact when you use 
JS resource reference constructor core jquery url var is left null. Is is 
possible to use jqwicket with custom jquery without problems? I saw on the home 
page that newest 0.8 version supports Wicket 1.5.3. Maybe it is connected, as I 
use newer Wicket version (1.5.9).

3.      I cannot use custom jquery so I configure non-conflicting alias with 
"JQContributionConfig().enableNonConflictMode( "jq" ).withDefaultJQueryUi();"

It seems that components are working, but I see in wicket debug window JS error 
saying that "jq" is not defined. For Jqwicket behavior I see no error.

Best regards,
Michal Wegrzyn

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