In data domenica 20 gennaio 2013 17:16:48, Sven Meier ha scritto:
> If you don't provide a filename to the ExportToolbar constructor, a
> String resource with key "datatable.export-file-name" is used.
> Normally a default is provided here:
> /wicket-extensions/src/main/java/org/apache/wicket/extensions/Initializer.p
> roperties
> I'm not sure why this is not present in your setup.

My project was depending on wicket-examples-6.0-SNAPSHOT, which in turn 
depends on wicket-extensions-6.0-SNAPSHOT, which in turn lacks that default in 
the above properties file. My final war was being built with both 
wicket-extensions-6.4.0 and wicket-extensions-6.0-SNAPSHOT and the latter 
eventually took precedence.

It now works, except it exports only the first column of my DataTable...

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