I reckon WICKET-5083 is a bugfix for wrong rendered URLs (stateful pages were
rendered without a page version number) which in our case was correct but
just as a mistake. It seems, that our pages are stateful and therefore get
the page version number (page id ?x) attached. As I described above, in our
project this results in an error (endless loop) if cookies are not allowed
or if a web crawler wants to index the site, because we don't support
session IDs in URLs. 
The only solution I can think of, is to mark these pages as "stateless".
What is the correct way to do this? A "stateless" page must be at least
bookmarkable and no child component should be stateful.
I can remember that the annotation @StatelessComponent in combination with
the StatelessChecker and the method call setStatelessHint(true) was
necessary to mark a page as being "stateless". 
Is this still necessary? Or what is the preferred way for doing this?

As a quick hack I've already changed our render strategy from
REDIRECT_TO_BUFFER to REDIRECT_TO_RENDER. In that case no page version id is
attached at all. What could be the flaw for using this render strategy as an

Thanks for your helping hand.

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