Hi All,

I have used Wicket to develop a web app and I am having some difficulties
understanding exactly what's happening.

Basically there is a search page which have a number of search fields. When
you click the search button the same page reloads with the results in a big
table underneath the original search fields. Because of this all of the
search fields retain there existing values when the results are displayed.
You can then edit any field and click search again. This all works as

Some of the results have an icon which when clicked pops up an ajax
dialogue. This is straight forward 3rd party ajax dialogue (not part of
wicket). This simply displays another wicket page with a couple of links to
more wicket pages. If you click any of these links (which open in a new
tab) I get some odd behaviour on the original search form. No mater what
you enter into a search field, if you now click search it resets the entire
page. All of the fields are now cleared and the search doesn't occur.

I can see via the debugger its just creating a new instance of my main
search page. I am guessing somehow opening that extra link invalidates the
session data. My guess is because the the URLs a numbered "page?2" these
are getting out of sync.

Does any body have any suggestions on how to prevent this?


Charlie M

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