Hello, I am having an issue when I have my application opened in two separate
tabs in IE or FireFox. 

Here is the problem:

I have a page called User, and in this page you can open a Modal window to
search for a user. Once a user is found, you select it, and the Modal window
closes, and that User object and its attributes is used and displayed to the
User page. 

The problem is if I have tab open on the User page and run a search in the
Modal window for another user, and while this is taking place, I open
another tab and goto another instance of the application and to the user
page, and then perform a search using the same scenerio.. The latest opened
instance of the application will return the search results to the page just
fine; and the first instance of the application and the running search will
close the page, and nothing will happen, or the page will reset itself
loading the defaulted information. This only happens when I open a new tab
and instance of the application while a current instance is already running
a search in the modal window of User page. If I open two different sessions
of the application before running any searches, then run a search in each
session everything is fine. 

Some background:
The modal class uses the PageReference passed in through its constructor. I
use this to interact with the calling pages variables. Once the modal window
closes using window.close(target);  the calling class will continue its page
update via:

   public void onClose(AjaxRequestTarget target)
       ..make changes to page here.

Here is what happens just before the modal window closes:

               public void onClick(AjaxRequestTarget target)
selectedUser.getMiddleName(),     selectedUser.getBemsid(), "");

Any ideas what is happening? Or is there a way to maybe check to see if the
same functionality is being used in another instance and prevent the user
from running a search? 

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