Hi Thanks for your replies. 

what i ment from not working was it doesnt give any compilation errors or
runtime errors but simply it doesnt show the table as in the html. 

I tried implementing the basics of DataTable just to try out. here's my

List<IColumn&lt;TestData,String>> columns = new
columns.add(new PropertyColumn<TestData, String>(new Model<String>("Name"),
            public String getCssClass()
                return "sampleCss";

table = new DefaultDataTable<OfferData,
table.addTopToolbar(new AjaxFallbackHeadersToolbar(table, dataProvider));

i have this code inside a panel and i'm adding the panel to my page. when i
inspected the generated html i cant find any tabel elements. the column
headers are shown inside span tags.  and also the css classes are not
applied to the columns as well. 

what am i doing wrong in here. 

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