Hi Andrea,
this is the code (a bit pseudo-like...) I am quite sure it is not the 
way it should be and full of wicket anti-patterns. But still exists 
since my first wicket experiences 2 years ago. ;-)

This panel gets rendered via RefreshingView about 30 times.

public ElementPanel(String id, IModel<? extends ElementState> 
        super(id, elementState);

        container = new WebMarkupContainer("innerElementContainer", 
                private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

                protected void onConfigure() {
                        ElementState s = (ElementState)getDefaultModelObject();
                        if(s instanceof DefaultState){

DefaultStatePanel(REPLACE_CONTAINER_ID, s));

                        }else if(s instanceof SpecialState){

SpecialStatePanel(REPLACE_CONTAINER_ID, s));

                        }else if(s instanceof AnotherSpecialState){

AnotherSpecialStatePanel(REPLACE_CONTAINER_ID, s));


                                String error = "No panel registered for class 


Am 07.10.2014 19:42, schrieb Andrea Del Bene:
> Hi,
> could you post the code you use inside onConfigure to addOrReplace inner
> container? Maybe you could avoid detaching/attaching overriding method
> detachModels in your inner containers.
>> Hi Paul,
>> thanx for replying.
>> Oh, I use Ajax very heavily in this case. Thats why I said: "the panel
>> works quite good for ajax rendering and refreshing use-cases"
>> Hmm... ok... I think I missed some details. I try to explain.
>> My page contains two sections seperated from each other.
>> A kind of data-entry and a kind of displaying the results.
>> The section which displays the results is a quite complicated panel,
>> having an RefreshingView for about 30 (I will name them) sub-panels.
>> These sub-panels addOrReplace() an inner container while rendering
>> itself.
>> And the replacement depends on my model object type.
>> So, my sub-panel class has a hugh knowledge about how to render the
>> results.
>> On entering some data on the data-entry section I refresh the whole
>> panel in the display section with all its sub-panels using Ajax. And
>> this works great.
>> Some of the sub-panels also rerender/refresh own there own, by listening
>> to events etc pepe. All this behaviours are working very well.
>> The only disadvantage is, using addOrReplace(), I have a heavy
>> detaching/attaching situation and a performance problem.
>> So, the best solution for now would be, keeping my panel implementation
>> as it is, but just having my models detached only once, not for
>> iteration.
>> And here I dont have any idea how to solve that... :-/
>> thanx and kind regards
>> Patrick
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