The needed changes to make -javax module working with Wicket 6.x are not
too big.
I think the easiest way to make it available for Wicket 6.x is to add (a
clone/copy of) the module to WicketStuff project. This way it could be part
of 6.19.0 too.
Is this something you are interested to help with ?

On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 2:11 PM, Alexander Landsnes Keül <> wrote:

> I checked out Wicket 6.18 and fiddled a bit with it, but it seems there
> are a few minor API breaks. One of the most pervasive ones is
> Application#setMetaData(...), in 6.18.0 it's a void function while 7.0.0-M4
> returns this for chaining. I'm not sure JSR356 should be listed as an
> option for Wicket 6.x. It's certainly possible to fix it without too much
> effort, but since it changes a few signatures in wicket-core it requires
> all the projects checked out and modified. I don't have the time for it
> right now, and I do quite understand it if no one else feels like spending
> the time either.
> Naming conventions are the spice of policies. Milestones are viewed as
> dangerously buggy and unstable, and hence unfit for the hallowed halls of
> shippable code. I may try to sneak it in nonetheless, since I do need
> websocket support and the stable release is weeks away.
> Alex
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> Subject: Re: JSR356 Websocket with Wicket 6.18
> Hi,
> JSR356 API jar is built with Java 7. This is the main reason why this
> module is not part of Wicket 6.x.
> If this single method is the only problem to use
> wicket-native-websocket-javax:7.0.0-M4 with Wicket 6.18.0 then please
> create a ticket in JIRA and we will make it public for 6.20.0.
> I think 7.0.0-M5 (currently being in vote) is as stable as 6.19.0 (also in
> vote). There were no API breaks since 7.0.0-M4 and hopefully M5 will be
> released as 7.0.0.Final in few weeks. We need your feedback now! It is
> "mite annoying" that most users don't want to even try it because of naming
> conventions :-/
> Martin Grigorov
> Wicket Training and Consulting
> On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 11:08 AM, Alexander Landsnes Keül <
>> wrote:
> > Reading the documentation I was under the impression that
> > wicket-native-websocket-javax could be used along with Wicket 6.X,
> > however that seems to not be the case.
> >
> > In the constructor of
> >
> > line 120 (7.0.0-M4) it accesses WicketFilter#getFilterPath(), which is
> > public in Wicket 7 but private in Wicket 6.X.
> >
> > Is there a way to sort this, or do I simply have to wait until Wicket
> > 7 is finalized? Upgrading while it's a milestone release isn't an
> > option, sadly, but on the other hand we just upgraded to Tomcat 8 and
> > not having a functional websocket implementation is a mite annoying.
> >
> > Alex
> >

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