On Fri, May 15, 2015 at 10:33 AM, Martin Grigorov <mgrigo...@apache.org>

> I am puzzled why people use AppEngine in first place. It has so many
> restrictions. It looks like a pain to me to develop for this platform.

It does have a lot of restrictions, but if you can live with / adapt to
those, GAE has a lot of benefits. We never, ever have to put one moments
though into hardware. We can have multiple different versions of the app
running live at any time, which is great for testing. Deployment is
trivially easy. If we find a bug, we can revert to a previous version with
a few clicks and users are instantly moved over to it. For our app, which
is a 24x7 customer service app, downtime has never been a problem in 4
years since we deployed. I can't say that about our EC2 VMs. And since our
app is relatively lightly used (with occasional bursts of heavy use), the
hosting costs are ridiculously cheap. I'm not sure if there are better
alternatives today (I seem to recall looking at Elastic Beanstalk), but I'm
happy with the decision to build on AppEngine. We do seem to be in a
minority, though.

> We can add IRequestCycleListener to gae-initializer!
> But so far you are the only user who complains about this problem ...

So do you think we should just let this discussion thread be the
documentation for anyone who may run into this in the future? Or perhaps
open an issue to document it. I'm OK with either...and willing to help
further as needed.


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