The Apache Isis project [1] uses Wicket for its main viewer, and we
recently had this question [2] on our mailing list is:

I believe it was mentioned once in another thread that selecting text
(and so copying) from a disabled field doesn't work in Firefox on
Windows. Since a week or two it's not possible on a lot of Chrome
installations of our users either, probably due to a Chrome update. This
really is a big problem for our users because we share a lot of
configuration data for internet access and telephony services and
copying data makes sure they don't make mistakes while configuring their

Would it be a problem to use the read only attribute instead of the
disabled attribute? That would be an easy fix.

Martin G suggested a possible fix using CSS, but unfortunately to no
avail.  Since this presumably could impact all Wicket users, the suggestion
[3] was to re-raise the question here.

So, are there any thoughts on this?  Is there any way to enable select text
for a disabled input field for both latest Chrome and Firefox?



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