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Double check that this particular component indeed renders its HTML element.
No matter what Java methods you call on the component it won't render if
the used HTML element is <wicket:xyz>. Depending on your MarkupSettings
this elements are usually not rendered.

Martin Grigorov
Wicket Training and Consulting

On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 9:06 PM, Entropy <> wrote:

> Upgrading seems to fix this specific issue.  However, I am no getting
> another
> odd behavior.  I am trying to update some text and button captions on the
> page.  It's working, but gives an error in javascript despite the working.
> Wicket.Ajax:  Wicket.Ajax.Call.processComponent: Component with id
> [[message]] was not found while trying to perform markup update. Make sure
> you called component.setOutputMarkupId(true) on the component whose markup
> you are trying to update.
> It says that, but in fact, I DID call setOutputMarkupId(true) on not just
> that component, but EVERY component in the modal, overkill though it may
> be.
> I also called setOutputPlaceholderTag and setMarkupId just in case.
> Neither
> changed anything.
> The confusing part is that the label change AND the button caption changes
> ARE working.
> The relevant part of the ajax event:
>                 message.setDefaultModelObject(modalWindow.getMessage());
>                 button.setVisible(true);
>                 button.setDefaultModel(new Model(modalWindow.
> getButtonCaption()));
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