Component#onDetach() is called at the end of the request cycle.
MarkupContainer#removeAll() is not called usually during the request cycle.
#remove() merhods are like #add() - usually used by the application /
libraries, not by the framework.

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On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 2:17 PM, Jarosław Ciarkowski <jarr...@gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I guess my last mail was to complex so I'll try to simplify it:
> Why children's "onRemove" method is not called when "setResponsePage" is
> called?
> As I've written previously - manually invoking "page.removeAll()" works
> but shouldn't it be called automatically?
> Jarek
> On 09.02.2018 11:49, Jarosław Ciarkowski wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have one question regarding refreshing page with TabbedPanel and
>> refreshing page with setResponsePage method.
>> In my application I had AjaxTabbedPanels. I needed to show confirmation
>> window on tab change though.
>> I've already had it on "window.onbeforeunload", so I changed
>> AjaxTabbedPanels to TabbedPanels - which refreshes page on tab change.
>> The next thing was to do the same thing on button click. It works fine
>> with setResponsePage but...
>> I have 2 actions which need to be called - one on page's child removal
>> and the second one on page refresh.
>> Right now I call them on child's "onRemove" method and page's
>> "onInitialize" method.
>> The problem is - when I change tab in TabbedPanel "onRemove" is called
>> but "onInitialize" isn't.
>> When I call setResponsePage (to the same page) it's the other way around
>> - "onInitialaze" is called but not "onRemove".
>> I've got over it with manual call "page.removeAll()" right before
>> setResponsePage, but it solves only half of the problem and for me it looks
>> like a wrong solution.
>> Is there any way to "catch" in the page class that it was refreshed by
>> the TabbedPanel? Is there better way to call "onRemove" with
>> setResponsePage than "page.removeAll()"? Or maybe there is a better way to
>> refresh a page than setResponsePage?
>> I would be glad to receive some help.
>> Thanks,
>> Jarek
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