well that's an 'interesting' use case you have there.

No, I'm afraid that would require some mayor tweaks in wicket-dnd's JavaScript.

Have fun

Am 14. März 2018 07:08:50 MEZ schrieb Dirk Forchel <dirk.forc...@exedio.com>:
>Hi Sven,
>Thank you fror your answer. I think you have misunderstood the "use
>case" we
>want to achieve.
>We don't want to select several items and transfer them at once but
>select only one item (only one drag source) and drop that item (link
>operation) to different drop targets. I think if the user releases the
>button on the first drop target, the selection will be lost. However,
>should only happen once the user releases the control key. I hope I
>express myself more clearly.
>Many thanks
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