https://ci.apache.org/projects/wicket/guide/6.x/guide/componentLifecycle.html I 
see how the lifecycle of a wicket component is intended to be.

But how does it go for the lifecycle of a component on a page where the page 
gets submitted by a form in another component?

I know that the page tree wont get recreated completely after the onSubmit, but 
I wonder if there is any method that is guaranteed to be called on each 
re-render phase as I somehow struggle with parallel CDI work done in a 
@RequestScoped bean 
(this is re-created completely when the submit is called as it is a new http 
and some things in onBeforeRender wont even get called - or can it be that this 
is because the "hasBeenRendered" is true for rerenders by form submits?

Sorry if the question is dumb but I somehow locked myself in by doing too much 
in different onBeforeRender methods all over the place..  (that is also mainly 
because most of that code stems from wicket 1.3/1.4 era);

Is there a method that gets executed every rerender after the page has been 
constructed - similar to onConfigure ?



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