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>> But how does it go for the lifecycle of a component on a page where the
>> page gets submitted by a form in another component?
> I do not understand this sentence

It may sound a bit awkward but the situation is like this:

Page with componentes A, B, C, D on it
Component A is just an resolver that fills a request scoped CDI with decoded 
data for components B,C,D in its constructor
Component B,C,D now reacts onto these data from Component A in the 
onBeforeRender method

all is fine if its not rerendered like it was used some years now (code stems 
from looong time ago :/ )

now I introduced an form into component D and there the mess began as A's 
construtor didnt get called again as its page was already rendered... 

this was all made before wicket had the current lifecycle as well as the 
methods that get invoked we have today in wicket 7 and 8;

> onConfigure() and onDetach() are called at every request
> if the component is visible then onBeforeRender, onRender() and
> onAfterRender() will be called too

Ah ok,

So is it correct if I assume that onConfigure gets called in the same order as 
the components get added to the page and in that order on each re-render?

What would be the best way in 2018 to have decoupled components that share 



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