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> Hi,
> for a new project we would like to use (hopefully) well known material
> design.
> After some discussion we discarded using any popular JS frameworks.
> Since most of us work with Wicket for quite some time and we all like it
> we would like to stick with it.
> Now would be the recommended way to use material design with Wicket?
> There is an integration project
> https://github.com/l0rdn1kk0n/wicket-bootstrap
> that doesn't seem to be very actual (failed builds, TBD in docs...).

- failed builds are due to bad CI servers. The project uses TravisCI
because it is free and the builds there are very unstable. If you build the
project locally with "mvn clean package" it will build just fine.
- TBD in docs: well, it is an open source project... People contribute as
much as they need for their apps. It is better than nothing.

> It also doesn't seem to implement even basic components (
> https://material-components.github.io/material-components-web-catalog/#/component/text-field
> ).
> Or maybe I missed something?

Wicket-Bootstrap project, as its name suggests, provides integration with
Bootstrap <https://getbootstrap.com/>. The Material design is just one of
the themes for Bootstrap, provided by
shows a form with this theme. I am not sure whether it completely
implements the "specification"

> Another option would be to do all styling manually, well...
> Did anyone used material with Wicket?
> Thanks,
> Zbynek

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