Hey Sven,

I wrote a POC of this (https://github.com/geramaya/wicket-filedownload) and it runs well. It should be doesn't matter to use a repeater or list view with a model object, or? My guess about this can be a bug to handle the listview and refresh ajax components inside the real application. The POC should have proven that the download function works correctly.

*sniff* So I have to check out and find the bug in the darkness of components.


Am 22.07.2019 um 21:21 schrieb Sven Meier:

your images didn't make it.

Can you create a quickstart showing your problem?

Have fun

On 22.07.19 17:02, Custodes Meus wrote:
Hello all,

Wicket 6.19.x

I have a problem with cached elements for a FileList as Repeater inside used a DownloadLink to get a file over http.

FileList Repeater:


If I disable the cache handling (save nothing) of Firefox and clear before open the page - my page will run successfully.

I reactived the caching of Firefox and tried to adapt the WebPage with header infos to disable caching of Elements. The behavior will fail, because
the list of files will not update correctly and responsed old filename.
Now I look for some infos about this. My page use ajax components - the page should run as a statefull page. Other elements are statefull!

I will thankfull for any kinds etc. :)


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