Hi Manfred,

Sorry, my previous answer was incomplete.
Kendo components do usually have two methods for ajax, #reload and #refresh.
Reload aims to reload the component (ie reattach to the dom) while refresh
aim to refresh the data only.
IIRC, grid and chart are different in the sense that grid does have its
datasource aware of the request cycle so it is safe to reattach/reload the
component, the datasource will be destroyed from the dom. That's
unfortunately not the case of the chart (you can open an issue, I can try
to figure out if it's achievable).
One nice way to refresh the data without having the reload/reattach the
component is to use the event bus. Your master page/component will
send/broadcast a RefreshEvent or RefreshChatEvent that will be catched by
the component hosting the chart (or the chart itself if you have overriden
it). Then just call refesh...

Thanks and best regards,

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019, 23:29 Manfred Bergmann <m...@software-by-mabe.com> wrote:

> Hi Sebastian.
> OK, but I don't really see how reusing instances of a Kendo Grid really
> works in a component based design where the parents of where the Grids are
> placed are replaced on the page.
> In particular we have a three panes border layout, kind of a
> 'master-detail'
> plus a tree on the left side.
> The right most pane is the 'detail' pane where panels are replaced
> depending
> on selection on the 'master' pane. Those panels can contain Kendo Grid but
> some do not. So I have no other chance of creating new instances of Kendo
> Grids (DataTable).
> So switching through the 'master' selections creates new Kendo Grids, or
> Charts adding up datasources on the DOM root.
> I don't see how just using Chart/DataTable#refresh really should work?
> Manfred
> Sebastien wrote
> > Hi Manfred,
> >
> > The recommended way to refresh kendo ui components - those bound to a
> > datasource - is to read from the datasource.
> >
> > See Chart#refresh, it should solve the problem.
> >
> > Thanks and best regards,
> > S├ębastien
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