In our experience these can be a mixed bag of expired requests, expired
links, incorrect back button presses (and links from stale pages), session
timeouts, etc.

We haven't been able to trace them either, if a solution exists, I wish it
was part of wicket core.

Using more human readable urls might help, identifying session and clicked
button and maybe page state, which could be later backtraced to determine
any inconsistencies.


ma 30. jouluk. 2019 klo 6.24 Илья Нарыжный ( kirjoitti:

> Hello,
> We have pretty widely used software with thousands of visits per day.
> And from time to time we observe pretty weird  Wicket related errors
> in logs. Commonly it's something about components structure: no such
> child, there is already such element and etc. But the problem is that
> commonly we can't reproduce the problem right away: page is working as
> expected. So such mysterious problems just lie in logs and not being
> fixed.
> And here is the question: is there some good way to retrieve and log
> previous user actions and etc.? Theoretically everything should be in
> PageStore. What can you recommend to handle such problems properly?
> P.S. To be able to catch such problems we even build a system for
> gathering all logs on a central server and correlate them with each
> other according to some correlation logic. But still - no big luck -
> so we really believe that problem is in fact that we know only current
> user page/location and do not know historical aspect.
> Thanks,
> Ilia
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