We see these typos of errors every now and then too. It’s usually people
navigating to old pages, double clicking on links etc.

Nevertheless, in our logs these are relatively easy to find: we send out
e-mail notifications when such errors occur, and the e-mail includes quite
some details (page, component, session id, logged in user etc, user ip);
So far, I have always been able to trace the user’s steps by simply
grepping the access logs for their IP around the time of the exception.

Should you not be able to do that, I guess it would be relatively simple to
track user actions (e.g. the last 10 actions) yourself in the user session.
Simply write a request cycle listener, and get some meaningful information
from the next handler to be executed.

E.g. override onRequestHandlerScheduled() and deduct the action from the
request handler;

ListenerRequestHandler: component or behavior invoked

Store the actions as strings (e.g. “render pageX(pageParams=XYZ)”, “Click
on link a.b.c in PageX”, “Submit form path.to.component in PageX”).

If you have an app where users are logged in, you can track the last X
actions in the user’s session; Otherwise you could externalize this (either
in-memory by IP, or some other backing store).
When an exception occurs, you can catch it in your request cycle listener
and fetch the last user actions. Together, these should provide a better
trail of actions leading up to the exceptions.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Kind regards,

Bas Gooren

Op 30 december 2019 bij 05:24:19, Илья Нарыжный (phan...@ydn.ru) schreef:


We have pretty widely used software with thousands of visits per day.
And from time to time we observe pretty weird Wicket related errors
in logs. Commonly it's something about components structure: no such
child, there is already such element and etc. But the problem is that
commonly we can't reproduce the problem right away: page is working as
expected. So such mysterious problems just lie in logs and not being
And here is the question: is there some good way to retrieve and log
previous user actions and etc.? Theoretically everything should be in
PageStore. What can you recommend to handle such problems properly?

P.S. To be able to catch such problems we even build a system for
gathering all logs on a central server and correlate them with each
other according to some correlation logic. But still - no big luck -
so we really believe that problem is in fact that we know only current
user page/location and do not know historical aspect.


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