when downloading a resource-reference via non-blob you have to call


.. from your resource.Please see AjaxDownloadPage.StaticResource from wicket-examples.

When using a resource this is automatically done for you.

I think we'll have to improve the Javadoc for this.

Have fun

On 06.02.20 16:03, Timo Schmidt wrote:
Hi Sven,

On Mi 05.02.2020 21:35, Sven Meier wrote:
On 05.02.20 21:14, Timo Schmidt wrote:
On Mi 05.02.2020 20:48, Timo Schmidt wrote:
im currently trying to setup a download behavior for large
file downloads. Using the AjaxDownloadBehavior with a resource
reference, the respond method is not called for all available
download locations but »Blob«.

But I need this method to be called to register the download on
server side and the Blob download location is not usable for my
use case, as the the blob is limited in its size depending on
the browser/OS and the files to be download are quite large.

Is there a way to get the respond method called using a
location other than blob?
forgot to mention: I'am using Wicket in version 8.7.0 and
have you tried the download in wicket-examples?

The #respond notification is called there after download
completed for any location.
in order to provide a process info about the file download
preparation, an AjaxSelfUpdatingTimerBehavior is added, when
the download link is clicked.

Providing the AjaxDownloadBehavior with a resource reference,
the respond method is not called for location IFrame, but for
location Blob.

Providing the AjaxDownloadBehavior with a resource directly,
the respond method is called for both - location IFrame and
location Blob.

See the attached quickstart.


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