Hi all,

I'm using Wicket as some render engine to render mails for reports
consisting of different individual render approaches: plain text only,
HTML only, a combination of both. In the latter case I of course would
like to simply reuse the former approaches, but am not sure if the
used ComponentRenderer does support that.

My individual rendering looks like the following:

> private static  String
>                 forSome(VwrCtx                ctx,
>                         Supplier<VwrHtmlPage> page)
> {
>     try (VwrCtxThreadScoped scopedCtx = new VwrCtxThreadScoped(ctx))
>     {
>         VwrHtmlApp          app         = new VwrHtmlApp();
>         ComponentRenderer   renderer    = new ComponentRenderer(app);
>         CharSequence        retVal      = renderer.renderPage(page);
>         return retVal.toString();
>     }
> }

"renderer.renderPage" is where I would call the above additionally to
provide text- and HTML-only. From my understanding that should be
safe, because ComponentRenderer supports multiple different contexts
for app etc.:

> private <T> T inThreadContext(Supplier<T> supplier)
> {
>     ThreadContext oldContext = ThreadContext.detach();
>     try
>     {
>         ThreadContext.setApplication(application);
>         return supplier.get();
>     }
>     finally
>     {
>         ThreadContext.restore(oldContext);
>     }
> }

As well I really only need to render within one and the same thread
one after another, I'm not resuing apps or contexts between different
threads in parallel. If that would be needed at some point, it would
be dealt with at a higher level rendering using some threadpool.

So, is it safe to render recursively using ComponentRenderer within
one and the same thread? Thanks!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Thorsten Schöning

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