Hi all,

I'm using Gradle and recently started to run tests using Wicket
rendering some contents. Things work pretty well, but Wicket provides
a lot of DEBUG-output on STDOUT or STDERR, which Gradle puts into its
own HTML-reports for results of tests.

This makes those reports pretty large in my case, e.g. ~24 MiB, and
therefore takes a pretty long time to view in the browser. As well,
when running those tests using the integration into Eclipse, that
blocks for around half a minute as well, because each individual line
of Wicket DEBUG-output is added to some GUI-tree view.

Output looks e.g. like the following, only 10 thousands of lines more:

> 11:34:01.536 [Test worker] INFO  org.apache.wicket.Application - 
> [WicketTesterApplication-7fefbf5f-492f-4c7d-b276-522938b3242c] init: 
> org.wicketstuff.event.annotation.Initializer@3456cd50
> 11:34:01.546 [Test worker] INFO  org.apache.wicket.Application - 
> [WicketTesterApplication-7fefbf5f-492f-4c7d-b276-522938b3242c] init: Wicket 
> core library initializer
> 11:34:01.569 [Test worker] DEBUG o.a.w.p.h.servlet.ServletWebRequest - 
> Calculating context relative path from: context path '/context', filterPrefix 
> 'servlet/', uri '/context/servlet/'

Any idea why that output is triggered?

I thought it might be bound to Gradle's own log levels somehow, but
switching between "--quiet" and "--debug" really only changes how much
Gradle logs on STDOUT, not what Wicket does. Additionally, I don't see
any other debugging output, besides some of my own classes using SLF4J
as well.

This leaves some logging-backend with some explicit configuration
only, doesn't it? Something like log4j2, Logback or else with some
config, but couldn't find some yet.

Is there something embedded in Wicket used automatically when the
teser is used?

Thanks for your ideas!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Thorsten Schöning

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