I need to be able to let complete novices edit and write nicely formatted texts 
in an backend thats powered by wicket (required e.g.: H1-H4, normal text, bold 
text, images - only simple stuff mostly).
In the past I used the ckeditor but that outputs html and Im not sure that 
cluttering font sizes and stuff like that into anything that needs later be to 
transformed to be used on either desktop or mobile in the year 2020 is still as 
sufficent as it was 10 years ago. So I stumbled over markdown that might be a 
way to avoid this, but not sure If I missed somthing better?

Beside, has any of you an idea where to look at to put this together with 
wicket, especially as I need to be able to have them insert images from some 
gallery picker that gets its image-resources from some kind of dataprovider.

Any idea or solution is greatly appreciated. I know this is not pure wicket 
related stuff but I hope its still ok to ask here.



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